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The goal of EJC project is to create an open ecosystem,like Andriod done. But compared with the Andriod, the difference is that EJC use Cherry-C as a standard platform development language,while Oracle Java SDK is also one of the standard.
So,What is Cherry-C ? Cherry-C is a strict super-C languge,Like Objective-C done. Cherry-C using JavaCC and the Netbeans platform integration technology as a complier fornt-end, and in the interim phase use the GNU "gas" and "ld" as a compiler finally EJC will build own "gas" and "ld" branch on the basis of GNU project.

  • DownLoad Pulg-in
    • Download source code via SVN,and simply open it as a Netbeans plug-in project
    • Download binary files,and simply install them as Netbeans IDE plug-ins
  • Learning fast
    • Read the user guide and source code,find the details
    • Learning to use the NetBeans platform,found it a powerful
  • Play all your passion
    • In development,to play your intelligence,and integration into EJC
    • In develipment,sharing your happiness,and tell the world

Supported Languages(On Building.....)

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