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About Eros1.0 milestone 4

  • Syntax compile in time.
  • Support the new Eros project.
  • Support Eros project template.
  • Support smart formatting code.
  • Support "goto" sentece.
  • Support "setjump" fuction.
  • C language standard library binding.
  • Started based on NetBeans platform.
  • "fuction" represents method statemention.
  • "import" represents head file imported.
  • Eros implements syntax highlighting editor.
  • Fixed a number of serious errors in the M2.
  • "interface" represnts struct statemention.
  • Support pointer variables, array variables.
  • Support multi-line and single line comments.
  • Eros implements efficiency vocabulary baseon Javacc.
  • For the simplification of language, no anonymous array.
  • For the simplification of language, there is no concept of class.

Supported Languages

cn mc kr us us us

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